Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Winter makes me Happy

In the southern hemisphere, it's the coming of the cooler months - "yay" - I say, although there are probably a thousand or two Aussies who would disagree with me, and half of those are my friends and family :)
Now I don't completely hate the sun altogether, but I do prefer the brisk fresh bite in the morning, a slight breeze during the day and a crisp cool air at night, so I can snuggle under the doona.

Where I live we do not get cold, heavens, last year we only got as low as 4 deg Celsius half a dozen times the whole of winter. There were even days when we didn't put our wood fire on. So what I'm saying is: When I'm not melting away like a puddle on the floor - I'm much happier. Therefore I get far more done in the cooler months than the summer months.
Now - these images are what I'm talking about!!

And so is the case with my writing. I am pushing along with my contemporary outback novel, that I am 27,000 words in already.
I have engaged a wonderful IT expert company to create a new web page for me and I have recreated a new banner for my facebook and other affiliated sites.

I have yet to decide if I will keep this blog site or just have a newsy front page  on my website, with regular updates and info on my own and other authors releases along with other interesting things. After all - it's about condensing and utilising my time wisely, so I can spend a lot more time doing what I love best - working on my WIP.

Stay tuned -  isn't up and running YET - but soon it will be :)