Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What's really Real?

Lizzy's Victory Bk 1

Seeing the novella I am currently working on, is Bk #2, Felicity's Folly, in a Romance Fantasy Series about Angels, I've been thinking if a writer has to believe in the nature of their work to make it believable or successful?

I decided that while it is not completely probable - it's definitely essential to have a small amount of interest in the main topic of concern. :)

I may not be the most religious author out there, but I do have certain beliefs about the world I live in and what surrounds me. And those may not be anywhere near what another person believes - and that's OK.
Do I believe in Angels?
Tough one.
But what motivated me with this series, was the concept that IF there were angels, then is that all there is to it. That they float around in thin air or space, in and out of our lives where we hope they may be the cause of our good OR bad fortunes.
Let's say Angels Fairies/Fae, Creatures/Monsters, Aliens, Vampires and other beings of the supernatural world do exist in some alternate dimension, then what's life like for them?
Did my Angels have needs, wants, unfinished business? Do they strive for a personal life beyond death? Does that life include Love? How do they cope, survive interact with each other and among Mortals? These were the questions that fascinated me enough that when my Angel characters came knocking on my door demanding I write their stories, I knew there were going to be questions. Hence the Romantic element  of these books.
Sherrah's Jungle Bk 3

I believe the same for Paranormal and Sci-Fi novels as well.
When an idea or character comes to a writer then he/she should take note and if at all possible, follow that thread ... if only to find out where it leads ....