Thursday, 16 April 2015

Writing a Book is NOT always Smooth Sailing

And on that note it's time for a quick update on the current WIP.

We never want to hear from anyone that our perfect work is not so perfect - A day spent with my lovely CP - (Critique Partner) and I had to admit there were a few loop holes in my MS that needed some extra TLC.
Like most things we create, build or discover ourselves, we see very few holes and gaps because we are so close to the product or design. We really need to have these pointed out to us by another set of eyes. A fresh set of ideas and thoughts to help us get rolling again.

So we sat at the table and we trundled through the plot until we worked out the snares and pitfalls. Crappy scenarios and more plausible outcomes. I'm sure most writing colleagues would agree that writing a book is a labour of love ... we cry and laugh and sympathise with the characters, but the real enjoyment comes when you finally type the end (although we really don't do that any more) and send it off and finally see it published as a book.
To that end, I can say that although some twists and turns have been added or changed, I am now 25,000 words strong into the written product.